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Central Monitoring Station

The Advanced® CMS-2000 is Central Monitoring System used for collecting, displaying, monitoring, storing, reviewing and alerting clinicians by generating alarms for physiological data of different patients collected remotely from a number of bedside monitors during treatment in the hospital environment.


The Advanced® CMS-2000 is Central Monitoring System is suitable for use in Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal patients who require close monitoring in hospitals and other medical institutions typically in ICU, PACU and ER.


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Key Features

  • Complete solution for LAN, wireless or combined networks
  • Extended Full-disclosure trend information
  • Large storage capacity for numeric information and waveforms
  • Comprehensive system help function
  • Calculation of drug doses and titration tables
  • Bidirectional communication with Advanced® Bedside Patient Monitors
  • Large storage capacity for historical patient monitoring information
  • Capable of monitoring a large number of patients simultaneously
  • Multiple display modes
  • Display multiple-lead ECG
  • ST segment calculation and arrhythmia analysis function
  • Comprehensive alarm management system
  • Large storage capacity for alarm events
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Alarm priority system
  • Multiple printing options/Reports
  • Laser printer compatible
  • Two years warranty

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